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RDS Surveyor, multi-platform RDS decoder

RDS Surveyor is being developed by Christophe Jacquet, a French radio ehtusiast.

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General architecture

RDS Surveyor uses a modular structure. The class StreamLevelDecoder gets bits from a BitReader, archieves block and group synchronization. Each time it receives a block, it passes it two the BlockLevelDecoder.

There are several kinds of BitReaders, that receive bitstreams from binary files (BinaryFileBitReader), WAVE audio files (AudioFileBitReader), and from the sound card in real time (LiveAudioBitReader).

The GroupLevelDecoder constantly updates the tuned station and its other networks (classes TunedStation and OtherNetwork). If the tuned station references ODAs, instances of concrete subclasses of ODA are instantiated and registrered.

UML class diagram

UML class diagram for RDS Surveyor.

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